Christina Shepherd

Christina Shepherd

Realtor for the Tausha Carlson Group 512 426 0685

Christina Shepherd’s interest in real estate and the uniqueness of neighborhood personalities began early on through growing up in a historic neighborhood in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

This interest turned into a new journey through a chance meeting in 2005 with Tausha Carlson, co-owner of Marathon Real Estate. Since that encounter, Christina has purchased rental property, profitably flipped a house, and recently renovated her homestead with investment properties and flip projects planned in the future. In 2007, Christina began to professionally pursue her passion for real estate as a licensed agent.

Christina holds a Bachelor of Science from Southwest Missouri State University. She is actively involved in several professional organizations, including Young Women’s Alliance and the Association for Women in Communications, for which she has served on the Board of Directors of the Austin Chapter for the past four years.

Christina enjoys spending time with her husband, Robert, and two adorable dogs, Mia and Cayma. She loves exploring new travel destinations, reading for relaxation and lifelong learning and is an avid fan of any Bravo TV reality show.